Fund Distribution services for the Fund Lawyer?

Fund Lawyer's provide ‘traditional’ legal services to the Fund or should they expand their range of services to assist a Fund in its route to the investor and/or Fund Distribution? This subject is often discussed by fund lawyers ‘how do the accountancy firms offer...

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Blockchain and Asset Management

We’re moving from the ‘internet of information’ to an ‘internet of value’. We know that the banking sector is getting behind blockchain technologies but will the asset management sector adopt? A recent Santander publication reports that global banks could save up to...

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Amendments to AIF Rulebook

  January 25th 2017 The Central Bank has issued amendments to its AIF Rulebook relating to Loan originating Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Funds (L-QIAIFs). Before this amendment, L-QIAIFs were prohibited from engaging in activities other than lending...

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The Fund Marketing & Distribution Alternative

To do or not to do. Funds today are faced with ever increasing decisions to make in their route to raising capital. How successful are funds in getting through to their target audience? Do funds invest in and/or adopt best marketing and communication practices? The...

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Exploring the ICAV

written by Ken Carmody Whilst there are many structures the choose from when establishing a fund this article focuses on The Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV). The ICAV provides a flexible corporate structure which can be used to establish both UCITS...

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Mobile Marketing

Email marketing, despite its’ rather low conversion rate, has remained a staple of both communicating with and maintaining relationships with our customers. No matter how many figures we read about the daily usage of various social media platforms, the one almost...

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